Dr Alistair Fraser

Dr Alistair Fraser, Department of Geography NUIM

Email: Alistair.fraser@nuim.ie

Alistair Fraser completed his PhD in Geography at The Ohio State University. His research in Geography asks how people in rural spaces in multiple places deal with globalization. His dissertation research looked at South Africa’s land reform process, particularly as it was played out in northern Limpopo province. Materials from this research have been published in numerous academic journals. His subsequent research has considered changes in rural spaces in Ireland and he is currently working on a research project regarding rural Uganda: he has been a co-PI on a €1.5m multi-disciplinary research project led by DkIT in Ireland and funded by the Irish Higher Education Authority and Irish Aid. He supervises one Malawian PhD student whose work is concerned with adaptation to climate change in rural Uganda.


  1. PhD 2006. Department of Geography, The Ohio State University. Dissertation Title: “Geography and the Struggle for Land in South Africa: Land Restitution in Northern LimpopoProvince”.
  2. M.A. 2001. Department of Geography, The Ohio State University.
  3. B.A. Hons 1999. Department of Geography, University of Strathclyde.

Research focus:

  • Human geography, especially the sub-disciplines of political and economic geography
  • Land reform, development, and globalization (in South Africa and more generally)
  • Political and economic dimensions of socio-spatial change in rural areas

Single-authored publications in international peer-reviewed journals:

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