Dr Bernie Grummell


Dr Bernie Grummell, is a lecturer with the Departments of Education and Adult & Community Education in NUI Maynooth since 2007. She lectures in research methods, sociology and equality issues on the EdD, MEd and PDE programmes and currently coordinates the MLitt/PhD/EdD programmes. She represents the interests of the staff of education departments in NUIM and develops collaborative research projects of interest to staff. She previously worked as a lecturer with the School of Sociology and a post-doctoral researcher with the Equality Studies Centre in UCD in the areas of equality and social justice, social research methods, education and media literacy for over 15 years. She has developed expertise in qualitative and quantitative research and has completed a wide array of research projects with several organizations, including Department for Education and Science, Irish Aid/Higher Education Authority, National Adult Literacy Agency, Radio Telefis Eireann and National Digital Learning Repository.

The National University of Ireland Maynooth is uniquely positioned as the only provider of a continuous range of lifelong learning in Ireland, providing education from early childhood, primary level, second level, higher education, adult and community education sectors.  Staff in the Departments of Education, and Adult and Community Education has been involved in a wide diversity of research projects across different contexts of education, which have encompassed considerable research expertise, experience, and competencies across several domains of research. The Froebel College of Early Childhood and Primary Education bring a depth of expertise of special needs at the early years and primary education level.  This gives us a unique role as a research partner, as is reflected through our involvement in the wide array of national, European and international research projects on the themes of social justice, accessibility and participation in education, education in a developing context, evaluating global education systems, education for social transformation and community participation, accrediting prior learning, quality in teaching and learning, ICT and e-learning in education.

The Adult and Community Education Department in NUI Maynoothis the only university department of adult and community education in Ireland, with over 2000 students in outreach centres across Ireland. It is involved in a variety of research projects in Ireland and internationally, including European and international projects on enhancing knowledge workers’ adult learning solutions, access and retention of non-traditional learners in higher education, lifelong learning in Palestine, girls primary education in Afghanistan and Bangladesh, recognition and accreditation of experiential learning, creating transformative education networks in a developing African context . 

The Education Department in NUI Maynooth is a leading provider of initial teaching education and postgraduate programmes in education with quality in teaching and learning, education’s role in society, school leadership, ICT, science and maths education, guidance and counselling all forming central qualities in our research and teaching activities. Education Department’s ongoing engagement in developing learning resources for schools and community engagement is reflected in projects such as TL21 project on innovative teaching and learning, research on school and community understandings of climate change, and ICT in education projects including Dissolving Boundaries cross border project and Asia-Europe Classroom Network. We have participated in a range of projects on development issues including the Combat Diseases of Poverty Consortium, Developing Global Awareness for Student Teachers at Second Level Education, Independent Evaluation of Irish Aid funded Project hosted by the Centre for Global Development through Education, Transformative Education Network, and teacher policy and development issues in Sub-Saharan Africa.