Dr Honor Fagan


Dr. G. Honor Fagan is a senior lecturer in the Sociology Department and Dean of Graduate Studies at NUI Maynooth.She has previously researched and lectured in sociology in the US, Northern Ireland, South Africa and Britain. Her particular research interests have included the construction of political identities, gender and development, governance and environmental conflicts and the broad area of human security in a globalising context.Her research has fed into innovative teaching approaches and the development of international partnerships at third level.

Relevant Publications

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Relevant Funded Research

2008Programme of Strategic Cooperation, Irish Aid and HEA (Water is Life: Amazzi bulamu– DKIT led) €1.5 million

2007Programme of Strategic Cooperation, Irish Aid and HEA (Combat Diseases of Poverty Consortium) €1.44 million

2007Programme of Strategic Cooperation, Irish Aid and HEA Water- Sustaining Elements at Local Level- DKIT led) €10,000

2006E-Consultation Evaluation for Houses of the Oireachtas (PI) E58,997

2003 HEA North/South Research Programme ‘E-Consultation: Evaluating Appropriate Technologies and Processes for Citizen’s Participation in Public Policy’ €581,191 (NUIM: E165,330) (PI)