Dr Thomas Strong



Department of Anthropology

National University of Ireland Maynooth

I study the symbolism and sociality of the human body. ‘Symbolism’ refers to the way that images of and ideas about the body are used as metaphors for conveying important social values, structures, and processes, including processes of historical transformation and change. ‘Sociality’ refers to the ways in which human social life is always embodied, so that each of our bodies, in health or illness, represents a conduit or site of connection to the people around us, to societies and to states. I pursue ethnographic work on these themes through two principal long-term research topics: modernity in highland Papua New Guinea and the ‘government’ of HIV risk.

My courses have included lectures and seminars at undergraduate and postgraduate levels on: Kinship Today, Contemporary Anthropological Theory, Ethnography of Melanesia, Research Methods, Ethnographic Analysis, Social Change, Affect, Postcolonial Science and Technology, Introduction to Medical Anthropology, Global Health, Advanced Medical Anthropology

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