Prof Jens Ducree

Prof. Jens Ducrée Biomedical Diagnostics Institute School of Physical Sciences Dublin City University Dr. Jens Ducrée’s main scientific research interests are in the fields of micro- and nanofluidic lab-on-a-chip technologies, underlying micro- and nanofabrication schemes, handling and processing of complex (bio-)fluids including blood and cell suspensions, detection technologies, instrumentation and system integration. The fields of application he has been involved in are cell research, systems biology, immunoassays, molecular diagnostics, integrated sample preparation, bioprocess engineering, water analysis, energy harvesting, microprocess engineering and polymer microfabrication. Dr. Ducrée has been very active in technology transfer, e.g. by engineering research tools for the life sciences and diagnostic devices compliant with clinical environments and resource-poor settings in global health. Biomedical Diagnostics, Microfluidics, Microfabrication, Physics (lab modules and Quantum Physics)