Prof Sam McConkey

The research centres on control and prevention of diseases in resource-poor areas, however, methodologically the activities span from the molecular and immunological, through clinical trials and cohort studies to health systems and anthropological investigations. The latter have agreed to fund an exciting new R&D programme collaborating with OxfordUniversity “ A circumsporozoite protein vaccine against malaria using the adenovirus Ch63 vector: preclinical and Phase I safety and immunogenicity studies”. As malaria is being controlled in Gambia the needs increased for a National malaria surveillance system, performed in collaboration with CIAM, a research NGO there, and with the Gambian Ministry of Health. This started in Feb 2008 and is Irish Aid/HRB funded in a catalytic way that will be sustainable. Migrants and asylum seekers moving into Ireland is a recent phenomenon, however in 2006 census 17% of people living here were not born in Ireland. A major research effort has been launched to understand how the Irish health system has responded to this, commencing in April 2009 and ongoing.

Recent Publications

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