Working Group 2 – Short Term Study Missions

(WG Leader: Dr Chandana Mathur, NUIM)

Funding applications are often strengthened by the inclusion of convincing preliminary data or evidence of previous collaboration activities. The JIGH is providing a small number of Short Term Study Missions (STSMs) of short duration (less than 2 month) that are designed to:

  1. Strengthen research links and obtain preliminary data
  2. Facilitate preparations for large funding applications involving Developing World partners
  3. Facilitate accumulation of evidence of worthwhile collaborative capacity within the JIGH.


STSMs are an effective tool for kick-starting collaborative research and assisting in the acquisition of subsequent funding. Applicants may seek amounts up to €2500 to assist with the cost of flights and accommodation. A maximum of three 3 awards will be made in the current call with a second call for STSM funding announced in September 2012.

Anyone requiring further details of the STSMs should contact the Working Group 2 Leader Dr Chandana Mathur at or